Golf Handicap Service

All Golf Handicap Network services are Internet (cloud) based and provide direct access (via unique login) for administrators and golfers. The services share many user attributes, however each has distinctive features that are unmatched in the golf industry.

Stewart Healey, President of Handicomp, Inc.
Stewart Healey
Handicomp, Inc.

"A golf handicap is a measure of a golfer’s playing ability and allows him or her to be evenly matched with others. It’s a great equalizer that makes golf more enjoyable for those who like to compete in events or among friends. The Golf Handicap Network and Golf League Network are highly affordable solutions for all golfers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about what we can do for you."

Key features of the Golf Handicap Network include:

Golfer Center: A private personalized set of web pages from where golfers can post scores, review their score record, and access statistical information.

Club Administration: A set of admin accessible features that include member management (CRM), score management, and detailed reporting.

Kiosk: A public facing touch screen golfer interactive application designed to collect scores from golfers as they come off the course.

Screenshoot of mobile site on an iPhone.

Golf Mobile Network: A website designed for mobile phones and devices. Check the link below for more information.

Interfaces: The Golf Handicap Network integrates seamlessly with the Golf Tournament Network, Golf League Network, and Golf Mobile Network.

USGA® (Premier Service)

Handicomp (see history) was founded on the USGA Handicap Service and recognizes it as the industry standard. The Golf Handicap Network is designed to compute handicaps for golfers belonging to USGA certified golf clubs and associations of those clubs. A USGA Handicap Index® is a privilege and the Golf Handicap Network responds with a service that is second to none.

PGHS (basic service)

The Portable Golf Handicap System was first developed in 2006 for golf leagues that played multiple courses during their season, which means golf handicaps had to adjust according to course (tee) difficulty. Presently, the PGHS is available via the Golf League Network, which can be found at

user defined (special service)

The User Defined Handicap System (UDHS) was also developed for golf leagues. This system allows the league administrator to define the parameters that go into the calculation of a golf handicap. It is very flexible, but does not port well across tees. It, too, is presently available via the Golf League Network.

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If a golf handicapping service is something you and your golfers require, the Golf Handicap Network is the best all around solution available in the market.

Note: The USGA Handicap Service is active and in use throughout the world and can be accessed through this site. The PGHS and UDHS services are available via the Golf League Network.

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Trademarks and Service Marks

“Golf Handicap Network”, Golf Tournament Network, Golf League Network“, Portable Golf Handicap System” and “PGHS” are service marks of Handicomp, Inc., and “USGA Handicap System™“, “Handicap Index®”and “USGA®” are a registered trademarks of the United States Golf Association®.

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