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The Golf Handicap Network (Powered by the "Handicomp Golf Handicap System") is an easy and affordable way for everyday Golfers to maintain a Golf Handicap!

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How do I get a Golf Handicap?
Club MemberIndividual Golfer

A large number of golfers receive their Handicap by affiliating with a Golf Course; sometimes through a membership and other times with an over the counter purchase.  The cost of a Handicap through a Golf Course can be more or less than an Individual subscription; it just depends on how the Club packages the service.

Contact your local Golf Course to see if they offer Handicapping services.

The easiest way to get a Handicap is to sign up right here.  Simply click the button and you will be guided through a simple registration that costs $15.00 for an entire year (12 months) of service.  And, if you're a first time registrant you'll receive a $5 discount!

What is the "Handicomp Golf Handicap System"?

Calculating Handicaps since 1968!

Smart Phone Application

The Golf Mobile Network is available to all Golfers at no additional charge and is the most popular method used for checking handicaps and posting scores!

Search for "Golf Mobile Network" and look for the Red Shield in your Smart Phone App Store

Golfer Features

The Golf Handicap Network is a Web and Mobile based software application.  Inherent benefits include a personalized login, 24/7 access from anywhere, free program updates, data protection and security, and much more...

Golfer DashboardHandicaps
  • This is where a Golfer lands upon logging in
  • It presents a Golfer's 18 & 9 hole Base Handicaps
  • It presents a Menu of Options
  • It presents the Golfer's Handicap Card
  • It's a point of access to online Support/Help
  • 18 & 9 hole Base Handicaps are included
  • Base Handicaps are translated to 18 & 9 hole Tee Handicaps based on the difficulty of the Tee
  • A Golfer can access the Course/Tee database (+15,000 courses) to determine Tee Handicaps for a particular round
  • A Golfer can determine a Tee Handicap simply using Tee yardage and par
  • A Golfer's can access an explanation of their HGHS Base Handicap calculation

Score PostingAway & Favorite Tees
  • May be entered as 9 or 18 hole Scores
  • May be entered against home course tees, away course tees, favorite course tees, or by yardage and par
  • May be entered in 9-hole totals or hole-by-hole
  • Scores can be back dated if played at an earlier time
  • May be flagged as a Tournament Score
  • May be entered along with playing statistics such as number of putts, fairways hit, greens hit and many more
  • Playing Partners may be listed

  • Home Course Tees are always quickly accessible?
  • For quick reference a database of +15,000 Courses and their tees are included
  • For quicker reference Golfers may build a Favorite Tees list
  • This is a great feature for Golfers who consistently play a set of different courses or golfers who may be a member of more than one course
  • Golfers can always use Yardage and Par if for some reason Tees are not listed in the system

Score HistoryBase Handicap History
  • Score History is kept forever so a Golfer can look back at scores from years and decades ago
  • Score History includes all Score and Statistical information, as well as Playing Partners

  • 9 and 18 hole Base Handicap History is kept in perpetuity and includes a lifetime Base Handicap Average
  • Base Handicap History can be viewed in Graph or Report form

GroupsMy Account
  • Create and Manage Groups of Golfers for quick Handicap lists
  • Maintain information pertaining to your account including your email address and opt in/out preferences


  • All Reports are demand reports that can be printed at any time
  • All Reports have many sort options that include Handicaps, Course selections and date ranges
  • All reports may be exported to Excel, Word or .pdf
Score ReportsHole-by-Hole Reports
  • Score Averages by Score
  • Score Averages by Course
  • Score History
  • Base Handicap History
  • Averages and Ringers
  • Statistics (Putts, Greens in Regulation, ...)
  • Hole Scoring (Birdies, Pars, ...)
  • Hole (and Round) Notes
Other ReportsClub Wide Reports
  • Score and Stats Entry Form
  • Round (and Hole) Notes
  • Base Handicaps
  • Tee Handicaps
Trackable Hole-by-Hole Statistics
  • Fairway hit on tee shot? (Hit, Left, Right, Short, Hit Green, or Over Green)
  • Green hit in regulation number of shots? (i.e., par minus 2)
  • Total number of putts taken on the hole
  • Club used off the tee
  • Drive distance in yards
  • Club used to reach the green
  • Yards to reach green
  • First putt distance in feet
  • Number of shots needed to escape Fairway Bunkers
  • Number of shots needed to escape Greenside Bunkers
  • Sand Save on this hole? (Still made par after bunker shot)
  • Up and Down on this hole? (Chip plus putt to make par)
  • Number of penalty strokes taken
  • Number of water hazards hit
  • Number of shots out-of-bound
  • Number of lost balls
  • Number of tree strikes
  • Number of mulligans taken
  • Record a note concerning this hole