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Golf Course & Club Features

The Golf Handicap Network is simply the most comprehensive and affordable Golf Club handicapping service in the golf industry!

What is the "Handicomp Golf Handicap System"?

Circa 1968

The HGHS supports Courses of all Lengths, including Par 3 Courses

The Golf Handicap Network Delivers Value

A Primary Objective of the Golf Handicap Network is to provide a means for any Golf Club to build a very large database of golfers who post scores and carry a handicap at their Club

Golf Handicap Network PricingWHS Cost Comparative

Golfer Management

The Golf Handicap Network provides several "Powerful" methods to assist a Golf Club with building their database of Golfers - a Golf Club can choose to use one, two or all three methods

Member ListOnline ListLeague Golfer List
The traditional method of securing golfers within the system.  Most often the handicap list is populated by golfers who pay through memberships or who pay the club directly.The GHN has a feature which allows a club to generate a registration link that can be sent via email or attached to the club website.  The registration link can be offered to golfers at no charge (a method for growing a large database of golfers) or it can be offered at a price so that the club makes money with each registration.Many League Courses (clubs that have leagues using the Golf League Network application) provide this service so that all golfers across all leagues have a standardized non-league handicap within the club.  For many League Courses this is a quick and easy way to build a large handicap list.

Custom Label

Touch Screen Kiosk

Rename the GHN so that it takes your Club's identity - For example if your club name is Rolling Hills Golf Club, the system can become the Rolling Hills Handicap System - It's a Great way to keep the Club in front of it's golfers!


For Clubs that want to provide an on-site method for golfers to look up handicaps and post scores!

Smart Phone Application

The Golf Mobile Network is available to all Golfers at no additional charge and is the most popular method used for checking handicaps and posting scores!

Search for "Golf Mobile Network" and look for the Red Shield in your Smart Phone App Store

Club Administrator Features

The Golf Handicap Network is a Web and Mobile based software application.  Inherent benefits include 24/7 access from anywhere, free program updates, data protection and security, personalized logins, and more...

Admin DashboardGolfer & Score Maintenance
  • Support for multiple Administrators so more than one person can manage the Club
  • Quick View of 9 and 18 hole score posting activity by Website, Mobile app, Kiosk, Admin, League or Other
  • Quick View lists of Golfers and their Handicaps by Membership, Online and within League(s)
  • Admins can add, delete, activate and inactivate golfers at any time
  • Admins are able to maintain Golfer demographics?
  • Admins may post, maintain and delete scores
  • Admins may assign local "Club Numbers" to golfers for quick reference
Admin Score EntryAdmin
  • May be entered as a Total or Hole-by-Hole
  • May be entered as 9 or 18 scores
  • May be flagged as Tournament scores
  • May be assigned to a pre-defined Club Event
  • Players can be selected by Name or Number
  • Can be entered for Home and Away tees
  • May be entered as read from a Scorecard
  • Management of Club Demographics
  • Manage Club Parameters
  • Control whether Golfers can maintain scores
  • Manage Email message to added Golfers
  • Manage Club Event descriptions
  • Manage Tee Pars and Yardage
  • Manage Custom Handicaps
  • Manage On-line Golfer Registration Link
  • Access Website Login Widget

SpecialCustom Handicaps 
  • Create and Maintain Golfer Groups within the larger Club
  • Import Player and Score data from outside sources
  • Export Selected Golfer Data including demographic information, score data and handicaps
  • Create and Maintain a Local Handicap that can filter in/out Away and Tournament scores
  • Create and Maintain a Tournament only Handicap


  • All Reports are demand reports that can be printed at any time
  • All Reports have many sort options that include gender, active/inactive status, with/without handicap, club or network number, club at large or by group
  • Some Reports have additional selections such as date ranges, handicap type, and tee selections
  • The Tee Handicap Report can be configured to be automatically generated on any date at any time and emailed in .pdf form to a select group of people
  • All reports may be exported to Excel, Word or .pdf
Handicap ReportsPlayer Reports
  • HGHS Base Handicap & History
  • Tee Handicap report (email)
  • Tee Handicap for Guest
  • Tee Handicaps for other courses and by yardage
  • Base Handicap Distribution
  • Base, Tournament and Local Handicap Comparative
  • Score Averages
  • Player Improvement
  • Player List (4-column)
  • Player Status Changes
  • Multi-Members

Score ReportsHole by Hole Reports
  • Score Histories
  • Rounds Posted
  • Posting Sheets
  • Best Scores
  • Holes in One / Double Eagles
  • Score Distribution by Year
  • Score Averages by Year
  • Hole by Hole Averages
  • Hole by Hole Ringers
  • Hole by Hole Ratings
Special ReportsCommunication Tools
  • Club Summary
  • Golfer Round and Hole Notes
  • Golfer Login and Post Activity
  • Non deliverable Email addresses
  • Golfer Email opt outs
  • All Tools have options to select all or subgroups of golfers
  • A feature to design html emails and E-blast golfers 
  • A feature to send smart phone Push notifications to Golfers
  • Golfer lookup to verify handicaps for golfers belonging to other clubs

League Management

The Golf Handicap Network
interfaces seamlessly with the industry
leading Golf League Network

Tournament Management

The Golf Handicap Network interfaces seamlessly with the powerful, yet affordable Golf Tournament Network