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What is the HGHS and how does it work?

The Handicomp Golf Handicap System is designed to serve golf clubs and golfers of every type.  It takes a golfer's scores and calculates a Base Handicap (a number to one decimal) that is then translated to a Tee Handicap based on the difficulty of the Course Tee being played.  

The HGHS was born from League play and is based on 9-hole scores.  It uses the best twelve of a golfers last twenty 9-hole scores and relies primarily on yardage and par to determine course difficulty.  So, a score of 45 on a difficult set of tees may be considered a better round than a 44 on a more simple set of tees.  The HGHS then takes those best scores and produces a Base Handicap that is presented as a decimal number (e.g. 14.1).  A Base Handicap can then be translated to Tee Handicaps which is expressed as a whole number (e.g. 15).  Tee Handicaps are the Handicap that is then used within competitions.

Base Handicaps are real-time and recalculated every time a new score is posted.

Following is the table used for Golfers who have fewer than twenty Scores

Number of 9-hole ScoresNumber of "Best" Scores used in Base Handicap Calculation
1 or 21
3 or 42
6 or 74
8 or 95
11 or 127
13 or 148
16 or 1710
18 or 1911

To assist Golf Club administrators, Base Handicaps that are calculated using 5 or fewer scores are highlighted on reports

As an assist, the HGHS generates a Base Handicap calculation explanation that a Golfer can view behind their login on the Golf Handicap Network website

How does the HGHS compare to the WHS?