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Golf Handicap Network Pricing

The Golf Handicap Network serves the Custom "Club Label" service powered by the Handicomp Golf Handicap System

Golf Clubs may mark up any of the GHN options as a value-add service for the effort they put in to manage the system for their golfers.

Handicomp Golf Handicap System:  

The simplest option and best value is for a club to purchase the Club Managed (Unlimited) service in which case all other Custom "Club Label" GHN services are included at no additional charge.

Golf Club Service
Price Per Year

 Golf Club Service

Club Membership

Traditional handicap service where golfers join the handicap service offered by a golf club and pay the club directly for the service.  The golf club may then upcharge golfers for the service.  Note, any golfers added after the first 200 are FREE (meaning the 201, 202... golfers are provided at no charge), which essentially creates annual maximums of $1800 and $1000 respectively.  This pricing is designed to allow a golf club to build a very large handicapping service.

* See Below

Regular Price $9.00 per golfer

$75 Minimum charge*

"First Year" Club Special

$5.00 per golfer

$75 minimum charge*

Free after 200 golfers

 League Course ServiceThis service is for courses that host leagues through the Golf League Network.  Some leagues use custom handicaps and this service puts all the GLN league players and active subs into the GHN handicap service thereby giving them a standard HGHS course handicap along with their custom league handicap.  Note - if the course has opted for the Club Managed option the $500 will be credited against those billings.$500

 On-line Registered

Allows the club to create a registration link that can be provided to golfers allowing them to register for the service online.

This service is designed to help clubs recruit golfers online via their webpage, social media sites, or email communications.

$5 transaction fee  + 2.9% Stripe fee

For example if club charges $20, Handicomp will earn $7.50, Stripe will earn $.58 and the club will earn $11.92

Note, the Golf Club minimum charge fee is required to offer this service

 Golfer and Score Import ServiceA service to import golfer names and scores from a 3rd party system.  Note, this is only available if complete golfer and score information is available in an organized form.

$100 for up to 100 golfers

$250 for 100 or more golfers

 Kiosk (software only)An optional public facing computer station most often located at a golf club where golfers look up their handicap and post scores.  The Club is responsible to provide the computer and Internet connection.Available at no charge within the Club Managed (Unlimited) Service

 Golf Mobile Network

(smart phone application)

Among many features it allows scores to be posted and handicaps to be reviewed on mobile devices.  More can be found at with all GHN services

* The Annual Minimum Fee is invoiced at the time the Golf Club accepts terms for the year and is credited against any per golfer billings or against the maximum should it be reached.  This pre-payment may be waived if requested.

Individual Golfer Service
Price Per Year
   On-line Golfer Registration

This service is for golfers who don't want to join or be part of any club or organization.  It allows them to register and pay online for their HGHS Handicap.  Note, there is a 7 day Free Trial followed by a $7.50 discount for first time golfers.

$17.50 for 1 year

$10 "First Year" Special

Multi Golf Club (Association) Pricing:

The Golf Handicap Network is available for organizations that host a roster of Golf Clubs or Chapters.  These organizations could be golf associations, club management groups, PGA Sections, tournament series, or any other entity that has proven market influence.  If yours is one of these groups and you would like to bring a set of clubs into the system under your umbrella, please contact Handicomp for special pricing.

If you have any questions relating to options and pricing, or just want to get started, please contact Handicomp at 616-457-9581 or at