Golf Handicap Network

Internet Based Golf Handicap Software

Golf Handicap Network

Easy, Flexible, and Affordable Golf Handicap Management Software

For Clubs, Courses, Groups, Leagues, Associations and individual Golfers

A.I. Score Prediction and Handicap Service

New for 2024 - Coming Very Soon!

Use the Standard HGHS Formula

-or- Build your own "Custom" formula (for Clubs, Leagues and Groups)

Individual Golfer

For those who just want a Golf Handicap

$17.50 per year

$10 for new golfers ($7.50 discount)

Golf Clubs & Courses

For Club and Course operators who manage golf handicapping services

Ask about the "First Year" Discount

For more info call Handicomp at 

616-457-9581 ext 1

Groups & Leagues

 For Groups and Leagues that want to manage their own Handicaps


Multi-Club Groups

For Associations and Club Management operations that oversee or manage multiple Courses or Clubs

For more info call Handicomp at 

616-457-9581 ext 1

Cell Phone Application

Search Golf Mobile Network in your App Store and look for the Red Shield

Provided at No Extra Charge (FREE)!

Post Scores and View your Handicap & Score Record on your Mobile Phone

Available on both Apple and Android devices

League Management

The Golf Handicap Network
interfaces seamlessly with the industry
leading Golf League Network

Tournament Management

The Golf Handicap Network interfaces seamlessly with the powerful, yet affordable Golf Tournament Network