Golf Handicap Network

Internet Based Golf Handicap Software

Golf Handicap Network

A Handicomp "Golf Community Network" Service

Easy and Affordable Golf Handicap Management Software

For Clubs, Courses, Groups, Leagues, Associations and individual Golfers

Handicomp Golf Handicap System

A Golf Handicap is a measure of a Golfer's scoring ability and a good Handicap System produces equitable Net scoring results amongst Golfers!

Golf Course & Golf Club Features

The Golf Handicap Network is an exceptional Golf Course and Club Service

First-time Golf Courses can serve unlimited Golfers for $1000 per year!

To get Started contact Handicomp at 616-457-9581 extension 1

or email Handicomp at

Golfer Features

Management Group & Association Features

Serving Individual Golfers and those who are Members of Clubs

For those who oversee or manage multiple Courses or Clubs

Smart Phone Application

Search for "Golf Mobile Network" and look for the Red Shield in your Smart Phone App Store

League Management

The Golf Handicap Network
interfaces seamlessly with the industry
leading Golf League Network

Tournament Management

The Golf Handicap Network interfaces seamlessly with the powerful, yet affordable Golf Tournament Network